2022, moving into 2023

Jaskiran Kang
3 min readJan 8


I’ve struggled to put my thoughts into words for 2022.

I spent a long time trying to reflect. I’ve been inspired by others who have managed to reflect. I’ve read books and listened to get the creative juices flowing. And then I stopped. I asked myself…

WHY am I finding it hard?

I’ve been frustrated by things outside of my control taking control of my space. Both personal and professional. And a lot of those reflections are better left in note form. And better left as private reflections.

What did I do?

We live in a world where we can make choices and decide on how we respond. That’s the one thing we can control.

2022 I changed the context! I increased my time with like-minded people. The context changed but I continue to learn and deliver in spaces for the causes I care about. The space feels better. Feels supportive. This is a positive reflection considering how clouded my thoughts were of 2022.

What have I learned?

Private reflection is important. I’ve shifted my approach having reflected on the feelings I felt. I came back to the values I deem important. Some were comprised. My values are loud and clear on my cv. I’m happy to share these in the open. Changing the context helped me to re-align with the things in my control and scope.

  1. Remember: we are people with pumping hearts
  • Learn and grow together
  • Give credit and recognise
  • Look out for each other
  • Build trust
  • Don’t be afraid.

2. Break Boundaries

  • Take risks
  • Have fun

3. Stick with your gut

  • Srive for the very best
  • Do the right thing
  • Get closer to environments and people who excite you & inspire you

4. Be Confident

  • Believe in your ideas
  • Say and do what you think
  • Share ideas early and often

What does this mean?

2023 Mission:
2023 I start with ‘hope’’, ‘optimism’ and a big thirst to learn more about the topics of interest.

I’m biased about the powers behind design-led thinking approaches and where service design needs to sit within organisational structures. Showing by doing is the best way to win hearts and minds. This year I want to focus on ‘doing’ and ‘showing’.

2023 Vision:

Prioritise big rock moments to learn about growing food and soil health.

I kicked off the year by taking an extended leave. I self-funded the first week of the year. I’m invested in becoming green-fingered. I want to be self-sustaining and I want my children and myself to have the basic skills to survive. Food is a basic need for all living things on the planet. How our food is produced and distributed along with the cost of it matters! The effects of climate change have an impact on the food ecosystem. We are going through a cost of living crisis. There are growing gaps in inequalities in health and care people receive. I have a bigger inner urge to learn fast and do something. I’m ok with not knowing what it will translate into.

Starting at the beginning: Understanding the landscape with the farming experts: ‘‘Oxford real farming’ conference is a space I recommend designers attend.

Farming is how food is delivered to the mass market. It’s the source! I left my professional and personal design hat at home. I went to be present and absorb the landscape. Listen to the conversation. I went to fuel my inner confidence and fight my inner imposture syndrome to become an expert in growing and eating fresh food. [Blog post on this experience is being written]

I’m going to add a few more big rocks into the year for more personal and professional learning moments.

2023 feels like a year to experiment….



Jaskiran Kang

I’m a designer. I love problem-solving. I’m transitioning to design leadership. I’m going to attempt writing as I reflect.